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2018 Worship Song Roundup: Most Popular Worship Songs Released In 2018

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It’s your annual round up of all the new, most popular worship songs that dropped in 2018 and resonated with worshippers. If 2018 got away from you and you’re feeling behind the curve, this list will catch you up! And as always, along with this list are all the curated resources you need to sing these songs in your church, school, or even your bedroom. Everything you need to sing 2018’s most popular worship songs. All in one place.

worship songs for those fighting depression

7 Worship Songs For Those Fighting Depression

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It’s been in the news again. Another suicide. Statistics show that a huge number of people battle regularly with depression. And that number is only growing. If you’re a worship leader, you have a unique opportunity, through the songs you lead, to give hope to the hopeless. To aid you, we’ve compiled 7 worship songs for those fighting depression. Included in this list are all the resources you’ll need to sing these songs in your worship services.

don't overlook hillsong worship's new album there is more

Don’t Overlook Hillsong Worship’s New Album, There Is More! It’s Excellent And Here’s Why…

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Doesn’t it sometimes feel like a Worship Leader’s job is 90% searching? Searching for good songs, searching for the resources to sing those good songs, and always wondering if your church is going to like the song. Even more rare – almost unheard of – is a worship album full of good songs! Well…Hillsong Worship has done it! Their new album, There Is More, is CHOCK-FULL of incredible new worship songs.

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7 High Energy Worship Songs to Keep You Engaged This Summer

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School is out, weather is nice, vacations are planned, and regular church activities are on hold. It’s the time of year we get out, take a break from the rat race, and have some fun! But it’s also the time of year we get distracted and forget the basics. So, in keeping with a summer mood, here are 7 high energy worship songs to keep you engaged this summer.

5 worship songs perfect for father's day

5 Brand New Worship Songs Perfect For Father’s Day

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Father’s Day is just around the corner! If you’re feeling stumped about what songs to sing that day or just want to add some fresh songs to your repertoire that fit the theme of Father’s Day, here are 5 brand new worship songs perfect for Father’s Day…plus some tips of how you might use them in your worship services.