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7 High Energy Worship Songs to Keep You Engaged This Summer

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School is out, weather is nice, vacations are planned, and regular church activities are on hold. It’s the time of year we get out, take a break from the rat race, and have some fun! But it’s also the time of year we get distracted and forget the basics. So, in keeping with a summer mood, here are 7 high energy worship songs to keep you engaged this summer.

Note: when you click any of the links, it’ll take you to that song’s resource page where you’ll find sheet music, backing tracks, tutorials, downloads, lyrics, and more. We’ve curated the internet to find all the resources you’ll need to sing that song.

1. Glorious Day, Passion (Kristian Stanfill)

If in the lack of routine it’s easy to forget the basics, this high energy anthem will certainly bring you back. “You called my name and I ran out of that grave…into Your glorious day.”

View resources for Glorious Day here

2. Old Church Choir, Zach Williams

Lyrics like “a Sunday morning hallelujah and it’s lasting all week long” paired with a high-energy, hand-clap-inducing beat…if this song doesn’t get you dancing this summer, nothing will!

View resources for Old Church Choir here

3. Let Go, Hillsong Young & Free

Reason to dance, to let go, to celebrate – this is one of those high energy worship songs that epitomize the freedom of summer. The hook says it all: “When I let go I find life.”

View resources for Let Go here

4. You Are Life, Hillsong Worship

Perhaps there’s no better way to enjoy summer than letting the sunshine, warmth, and extra long days fill your soul with the same reminder that high energy worship songs like this one does. “From greyest skies to living color, You have called us. In Your life Your light uncovered.”

View resources for You Are Life here

5. Child In Your Arms, Ryan Stevenson

At the time of the year we celebrate Independence Day, this high energy worship song celebrates our dependence on God. “I wanna fall straight into Your arms. I wanna stay wherever You are.”

View resources for Child In Your Arms here

6. What A Friend, Matt Maher

Beginning with “Everybody has trials and temptations…but we can lay our burdens down” and climaxing with “What a friend we have in Jesus, east to west my sins are gone”, this song is a foot-stomping party celebrating the safety found in our relationship with Jesus.

View resources for What A Friend here

7. My Feet Are On The Rock, I Am They

No matter what happens this summer, this high energy worship song’s confident proclamation, “Let the waters come and the earth give way, I’ll be dancing in the rain” will surely keep you standing “on Christ’s solid rock.”

View resources for My Feet Are On The Rock here

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